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Destinos Turisticos Group Peru

Portal de Panes 123 oficina 101, Plaza de Armas, Cuzco-Peru, Tel: (51)-84-228168,

Voor al je reisplannen in Peru

Threaded comments

GavernWP has support for comments with a division into threads. Thanks to it, discussions made in comments under a post given are clearer.

All options connected with comments configuration can be set by using standard options in a WordPress administration panel (Settings > Discussion). Threads in comments are switched on thanks to “Enable threaded (nested) comments” and specifying maximal depth of nested comments in threads.

There are two files responsible for generating HTML code of comments, namely:

  • comments.php – it includes a code which generates a comments list and a form of adding comments.
  • gavern/helpers/helper.layout.fragments.php – in gavern_comment_template function, there is a code responsible for generating a code of a comment given.

CSS code responsible for a style of comments and a form of adding comments is in css/wp.css file.

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