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Destinos Turisticos Group Peru

Portal de Panes 123 oficina 101, Plaza de Armas, Cuzco-Peru, Tel: (51)-84-228168,

Voor al je reisplannen in Peru


GavernWP makes accessible options allowing for theme’s branding. Branding options are divided into two groups:

  • theme’s branding
  • administration panel branding

Thanks to theme’s branding options, a user may specify:

  • specify page’s logo
  • specify theme’s footer content
  • decide about displaying a framework logo under page’s footer

More information about branding options for a theme can be found in an entry devoted to a “Theme branding” tab in an administration panel.

Administration panel branding options allow to define:

  • a logo displayed next to a theme’s name in an administration panel sidebar
  • a logo visible over a log in form to an administration panel

More about branding options for an administration panel can be found in an entry devoted to “Back-end branding”  in an administration panel.

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